The Rainbow fan blog is going great! Very excited about this project and the enthusiastic response it’s getting. I hope to see you all there- if you’re not following it already, it’s I really appreciate any notes or submissions, and if you’re interested, I’m signing people up as members. Just let me know if you want to join. Have a great day everybody and Long Live Rock And Roll!image

Anonymous said: whats the point of reblogging if u dont use it ???

Perhaps you’re thinking, but at least I still sometimes reblog. In principle, then why follow the user if he only reblogs and do not spread to the network their own posts?
P.S. Sorry for my English.

Gorgeous, incredible, virtuosic, awesome, and just a loving father and husband! Happy Birthday!
The Zep members writing lonely hearts ads:
Robert: I'm looking for a babe with long black wavy hair. To be honest, hair doesn't matter. Just babe. She has to like lemons and playing with my hair. Please call me, babe.
Jimmy: Wanted: teenage virgin for satanic rituals and romantic walks on the beach. Wait, ignore the first part. Bring Jack Daniel's. P.S.: I'm a nice guy
Bonzo: bring beer
Jonesy: Hello ladies, I'm looking for someone to fill my lonely hours with, by having deep conversations about music. Please don't lose my number and call me tomorrow